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  • RCRMoon

    October 20, 2021 at 7:52 pm

    1st of all, there is nothing wrong with eating. Nothing at all! In the outside, it looks like I eat all the time. In reality, it’s more like grabbing a handful of something here or there because I don’t have time to sit for a rwal meal. It’s part of being a mom. So screw them and thier judgment.

    2nd I do not have a filter myself. My mom made a comment only once about my weight after my youngest was born. I informed her I had a busy life, 4 kids, and frankly had zero fucks to give what she thought. Then asked what her excuse was for her weight. She had the crying fit because “how dare anyone judge her weight that doesn’t live her life” Gee, my point excatly mom. Has not brought it up again. Learn to stand up for yourself. You are beautiful as you are, and no one gets to take that away. Hugs!