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  • shehasafewofwhat

    October 24, 2021 at 11:07 pm

    The more I go to therapy the more I realize that most people do not understand what are healthy boundaries for themselves and may have people in their life that constantly push whatever boundaries they do have.

    Brene Brown breaks it down that boundaries are as simple as what is okay and what is not okay and having mutual respect for others when they say something is not okay. Boundaries promote healthy, loving relationships.

    I’ve realized that my mom is who she is and that I can be clear with her about what I do and don’t need for support, BUT she in return is doing a better job of respecting me and being less pushy. I have an aunt that feels so entitled to do whatever she wants and not respect boundaries so much so that she has destroyed her relationship with my cousin.

    So yeah, you can have healthy boundaries and not let things get you, and then someone will completely disrespect you. It’s so triggering. I hope you can get through to your mom and maintain a relationship.