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  • pamsabear

    October 22, 2021 at 12:11 am

    Many years ago I had an employee like this. Fortunately, she was fired very quickly, but she had many people convinced that her husband was abusive.

    She had forgotten some personal items. He told us that she had relayed to him that her training officer had been physically abusive towards her. That she was fired for complaining about the abuse.

    I explained that we were a secure government facility. She and her trainer were always being observed, in person and by security cameras. She was never abused and we didn’t even tolerate harsh language.

    I spoke to someone that knew her husband. They said that this was a pattern for her. She would explain away her failures by claiming abuse. Wish someone had told us that before we hired her.

    I think she didn’t want to compromise her lies and that is why she didn’t want anyone to know you were dropping a gift off for her. Your husband’s interactions with her should only be with a witness present and his email responses should be an offer to refer her to someone in HR that can refer her to a counselor.