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Forums Forums Group Forums Breaking Moms Am I being too sensitive? Reply To: Am I being too sensitive?

  • lady_cousland

    October 21, 2021 at 11:37 pm

    So I grew up in a family that finds it funny to scare people. Like we’d hide around the corner, wait for someone to come by and yell “Boo!” kind of thing. My kids and I do this to each other a lot. Like one time when my daughter was 2, we both were hiding on opposite sides of a doorway waiting to scare the other when they came out/in. I caved and went out first and she scared the shit out of me.

    And even with my family liking to scare each other, I don’t think you are being sensitive at all. For one, he’s not doing anything that could be fun for everyone. Putting on a scary movie when she asked for Moana? Even if she likes the scary movie, she’s probably still going to be upset because he’s not listening to her. It’s not a good way to share a movie he likes with her.

    And this is the main issue, he isn’t listening to her. She isn’t laughing or having fun. She’s saying no. My kids and I often play chase games or games where I’m a monster or something and the second it gets too scary, I’ve taught them to say, “I don’t like this game anymore.” And I stop. It’s not being too sensitive to listen when someone says they don’t like something.

    He’s being a dick and trying to excuse his shitty behavior by making you the bad guy.

    I’d recommend scaring the shit out of him sometime. Like a good one is to wait until he’s in the shower, sneak in, whip the curtain open and yell something. Or make a sound or touch him in a way he doesn’t like and when he expresses that say, “Don’t be so sensitive. I’m just joking with you.” I would just be relentless about it too. And then when he finally gets really upset say, “Oh, is that annoying? Does it bother you when I don’t listen when you say to stop? Interesting. I could have sworn you thought that was acceptable behavior.”

    I swear this is the only way I’ve gotten my husband to realize some behaviors are shitty, by responding that way when someone does it to him.