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Forums Forums Group Forums Breaking Moms Am I being too sensitive? Reply To: Am I being too sensitive?

  • Exis007

    October 21, 2021 at 9:45 am

    I think he’s a dickwad for doing this.

    But if I were going to try to change his mind because I wanted that result for the mental well-being of my kid, the place I’d start is empathy. Yes, it is funny to see a little child react in their own grandiose way to big emotions. You as an adult have probably imagined the fun you’d have being spooky and silly during this holiday. But to your adult brain, you’re giving her very banal, boring Halloween spookiness. This is normal, everyday stuff for any adult. But for her? For her this is the Saw films level scary and she’s telling you she doesn’t like it. This is going to give her nightmares, this is going to make her think being scared isn’t a fun thing we do safely, but something to be avoided at all costs. So if you want to have a cool and spooky Halloween with her when she’s seven and she thinks the masks are rad and the motion-detecting decorations are the fun kind of scary, you can’t make this time in her life fucking traumatic. If you do that, she’s going to dislike you, she’s going to dislike this holiday, she’s not going to like scary things…the end. This isn’t on her level yet and it won’t be for MANY years. Let her have her Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin Halloween, so she can have fun being scared in the future. You dum-dum.

    Well, skip the last part.