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Forums Forums Group Forums Breaking Moms Am I overreacting to a comment from my parents about my kid’s tablet use? Reply To: Am I overreacting to a comment from my parents about my kid’s tablet use?

  • PrintTulip

    October 22, 2021 at 12:46 pm

    Wow, they sound like a piece of work.

    It is WAY rude to offer unsolicited parenting advice like that. Can you imagine saying such a thing even to a stranger in the park? Much less to someone you love who could use your emotional support. Imagine saying this to your own child about your grandchild/ren—bet you’d never. Probably because validating your own (possibly) flawed parenting style at the expense of your child’s feelings isn’t your thing.

    And don’t get me started on “don’t be so sensitive”. If I had a dime for every Minimization I got from my Boomer parents whenever I had the audacity to draw a boundary (even politely, as you did*) I’d be a rich mfer.

    *Some might argue your response was not polite or whatnot, but I actually think it was quite civil, given how rude the original comment was.

    ** Also just, the audacity of your parents’ assumption that their parenting style was not experienced as adverse by you in any way is just so arrogant. My mother does this same thing, where she wants to control my parenting style any time she sees me deviating from what she did, as though my parenting decisions are some passive aggressive way of criticizing how she raised me, and so she naturally responds by doubling down on her past decisions.

    So for my parents I think this is just that hypersensitive, self-focused boomer defensiveness, when in reality I’m really just concentrating on raising my freakin kids and it usually has nothing to do with them :/

    Sorry so longwinded, just I hate this Grandparent Mindfuckery with such a flamin fiery passion, for real.