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  • TapiocaTeacup

    October 25, 2021 at 11:32 am

    I’m also an over-preparer and here’s what I’ve done so far at 33 weeks:

    * Washed, sorted and put away all the baby clothes and cloth diapers
    * Sorted books and toys and put the non-age-appropriate ones in storage
    * Made a few DIY projects (nursery lampshade, wall decals, family photo collage, etc.)
    * Collected meal prep recipes (breakfasts, snacks, dinners, baked goods)
    * Finished outstanding household projects (hanging art, painting walls, fixing loose doorknobs and cabinet pulls, etc.)
    * Sorted my wardrobe based on seasonality and postpartum/nursing appropriateness
    * Made a reading list of postpartum and parenting books
    * Scouted out local baby groups and classes (swimming lessons, library storytime, social groups)
    * Made music playlists for labour and for baby lullabies
    * Bookmarked a few TV shows for the many hours of nursing (planning to watch Gilmore Girls for the first time)
    * Book/plan for/attend prep appointments and classes (pelvic floor physio, lactation consultant, infant first-aid, hospital prenatal class, etc.)

    And here’s what’s still on my list:

    * Make more DIY’s (a mobile to match the lampshade, photo props for those monthly growth photos)
    * Shop for and make all the freezer meal recipes (and eat more icecream to clear space in the freezer 😉)
    * Mount large furniture items on the wall for safety (like dressers and bookshelves)
    * Stock up on baby first-aid and postpartum recovery items (so big pharmacy run)
    * Install the carseat
    * Practice using all the gear (folding the stroller, attaching carseat to stroller, putting on baby-wearing wraps, etc.)
    * Make caddies to keep diaper supplies and breastfeeding supplies together to move around the house
    * Pack hospital bag for me, hubby and for baby
    * Organize diaper bag with everyday stuff