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Forums Forums Group Forums Breaking Moms Husband “cleaned out the pantry” and I’m actually in tears Reply To: Husband “cleaned out the pantry” and I’m actually in tears

  • BlueHenley

    October 22, 2021 at 5:02 am

    Ok so he claims to have thrown away only expired things, but you know the things he chucked weren’t expired and you know he also kept stuff that was expired. “Coincidentally” most of what was thrown away was yours and most of what wasn’t thrown was his.

    To top it all off he reacts negatively every time you don’t appreciate his “help” and this time has escalated to abusive language/yelling/harming the environment.

    I’d tend to believe he’s doing it on purpose. But it’s hard to say because maybe he has something going on mentally. Discuss all this with your psych though and maybe they can walk you through it?

    I’ve also heard a lot of people recommend a book called “why does he do that” in situations like these. Haven’t personally read it but might be worth checking out?