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  • DaveTheRussianCat

    October 23, 2021 at 7:29 pm

    This sounds a bit like my son if he were older. He’s 4 right now and gets very hyper focused on things, a few weeks ago it was Toy story but right now it’s Jumanji and spelling/phonics. He doesn’t listen in school unless he’s interested, and won’t hold eye contact when you talk to him because he gets distracted and just tunnels off into his own train of thought. I’ve also noticed at home that he does things like throw stuff or slam doors to get attention because he absolutely craves constant stimulation from people.

    Anyway, he’s been flagged for ASD and ADHD but is not officially diagnosed yet because it’s a damn slow process getting an assessment here. He’s also quite independent or “highly functional” so it didn’t get noticed as early as it needed.

    Could this be a possibility for your son? It might be worth getting him assessed to rule it out, because if he does fall into one or both of those categories, at least he can get into therapy or get put onto medication (if he has ADHD) which I’ve heard is life changing.