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  • Big-Studio8960

    October 25, 2021 at 3:53 am

    Strollers: think about your lifestyle and taste. Do you care about looks? I do. Do you go walking alot on all kinds of terrain? I do. Do you care about the comfort of your kid to a point you’d spend money in it? I do. For me, I got the stokke Xplory X because the seat is like a kings chair and has an adjustable footrest ( imagine your feet dangling in the air, they eventually eventually numb. It’s the same for a kid so for me, I needed something that could adjust as he grows so his feet are always supported by a footrest). The wheels are also amazing. Anyone who says a cheap stroller is the same has not tried this or the uppababy Vista. They are simply going off of what they have. I have used a friend’s chicco/ Graco type strollers and I was so horrified at the push and discomfort of it. I personally hated it. I let my friend borrow mine for a weekend and she came back and ordered one the next day. This is me personally. Additionally, it is absolutely gorgeous and if you care about anesthetics, than that’s also a point for the stokke. P.s. if you are going to have more than one kid close together get the Vista as it can transform to double stroller.

    Car seat: here is where it gets confusing. Yes, ALL car seats meet MINIMUM safety requirements and are hence all safe. But if you again care about comfort, ease of use, wasbabikity aspect, looks, and EXTRA safety features, I personally loved the nuna rava as it can be used from 5 lb to 50 lb. So way past 4 years old. I think if you will only have one baby, infant seats are useless and a waste of money and it doesn’t take more than 2 seconds to get baby out of a car seat and into a stroller. It I’d also better for their positioning as it breaks my heart how many lazy parents lug their babies around in car seats all day

    Bassinet: waste of money. Get something they can use more than 2 months. Get a nice pack n play with a top layer bassinet that they can use for at least a year and most likely much more. The nuna sena aire is fantastic and very travel friendly ( try putting together those chicco ones and it’s like a full time job) this one clicks open and close with just one button and has a full top basinett

    Crib: why ? Use a pack n play and transfer to big kid bed at like 18 months or so. For me crib is also a waste . But this one is a very polarizing opinion so you do you. I personally wasted 600 dollars on my crib and NEVER used it. Went straight to big boy bed

    Overall. Buy less, buy high quality. So far anyone who claimed i would regret spending alot of money on t he better stuff was idiotic and I am thankful everyday that I ignored them.