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  • MelE1

    October 25, 2021 at 4:40 am

    We got the Chicco Bravo travel system! It was I believe $400 for the stroller (which has a regular seat and will also fit the car seat), car seat, and car seat adapter. Not the cheapest option on the market, but certainly not the most expensive either! We’ve pushed it around my parents’ house and practiced clicking everything in and out and it seems super easy to use. I wanted a travel system specifically that was simple and practical. The stroller folds super easily, the car seat transfers from car to stroller, you can take the main stroller seat out for a lighter push, and when folded the stroller is self standing! Lots of perks, just don’t have the experience with it with the baby 🙂

    Edited to add we have a bassinet and a crib, but our family has been incredibly generous with gifting us the major items. Definitely not necessary in every case but I will enjoy having the option of doing the bassinet for the first few months!