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  • FTM_2022

    October 25, 2021 at 4:41 am

    **I wouldn’t wait too much longer to make your choices.** I’m due in March and everything is backordered to January / February. All thats left for immediate purchase is whats in stock in store and thats hit or miss especially if you want a specific brand. I would just start making decisions: marketplace might be a good idea for bassinet / cribs.

    We got a car seat stroller combo for like $400 (on sale from $600). So you don’t have to spend a ton. It was not available for shipping for the foreseeable future (due to backorder) nor available for online purchase to pick up in store (stock too low). We had to call in our order, pay over the phone, and pick up in store ourselves.

    Our crib should be arriving sometime in January if were lucky, we ordered 2 weeks ago.

    Out bassinet we purchased the one that was in stock in the store that day we were looking and brought it home with us so that baby would at least have a place to sleep if the crib didn’t arrive on time.

    At this point I don’t have a chair or my changing table situation sorted and with the way shipping and backorders are going I may not but at least those aren’t essentials.