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  • papermageling

    October 25, 2021 at 4:42 am

    It really depends on your needs and desires. You certainly don’t have to get everything super expensive.

    Car seats: always buy new. You will have to get a convertible car seat at some point (I like the Graco Extend2Fit because it allows kiddo to rear face for longer, which is safer). You can also get an infant car seat. An infant car seat can be carried and are generally compatible with a stroller. These are optional, because most convertible car seats are also newborn safe. Many parents find them a great convenience. I didn’t get an infant car seat because I find them bulky and heavy. My kid got really good at falling back asleep when I took him out of the car seat, so this was not a problem. You should know that infant car seats are not safe sleep spaces: it’s not a huge deal for a short car ride, but it’s not safe to put the car seat on the floor to let the kid keep napping.

    You can get one of a pack and play or a crib and see how it goes. If I got a bassinet, I’d go for the cosleeper type that lets the kid stay close without actually being in your bed. As long as it’s safe (not broken down, not drop side, not from a smoker’s house) I wouldn’t worry. A new mattress does reduce the risk of SIDS.

    Strollers are super personal. It really, really depends on what your needs are. I wanted the lightest weight stroller that could lay flat (because that makes it newborn safe) and had decent wheels for bumpy terrain. I ended up with a Mountain Buggy Mini and it’s perfect for my needs. But some people care more about the basket size, or need a proper jogger stroller, or have super flat sidewalks, whatever. Strollers are also pretty easy to find used.