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  • evilcatsorcery

    September 14, 2021 at 8:56 pm

    My son had an ostomy due to a bowel perf. He had issues with dumping, but I was never told it was due to too much feeds, but just that “sometimes that happens with ostomies.” Because they have less intestine to work with. So, not something every baby goes through, but very common.

    It was frustrating because we got him off TPN after surgery, but he wasn’t gaining weight adequately so he ended up being half oral feeds half TPN for several weeks. We also weren’t able to add some fo the things they use to help babies gain weight to his milk, because they wanted to make sure everything v they gave him was as absorbable as possible. That is also partly why he needed to stay on TPN.

    About two weeks before his reversal surgery they were able to start “refeeding” him which was admittedly kinda gross but also amazingly clever. They put a feeding tube into the lower intestine and basically syringed the ostomy bag contents into it. He responded really well do that and was able to get off TPN a few days before surgery… just in time to get back on because, surgery.

    He was fine once he recovered from the reversal surgery. About a week and a half after surgery he had his first bottle!

    He was a 24 weeker, too.

    Hang in there! It’s no fun to have an ostomy, but it does get better.