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  • Mrs_Kevina

    October 22, 2021 at 10:14 pm

    Something similar happened to myself at the same age, this was 1985-1986, and in a rural community. You don’t have to sue, but you can makes demands to ensure their processes are updated for student safety/bus transfers approved, etc, that indicents like this won’t occur in the future, that gaps are covered, all written down and implemented. If they refuse that, then you escalate. I have to do this for my corporate clients when I have a snafu, btw…

    My indicent: There were 2 schools in town, but both bus routes/all stops were the same, I got on the wrong bus with my friends, instead of my bus. Other kids alerted the driver, who then pulled over on the side of the 2 lane rural hiway and kicked my kindergarten ass off, in between stops. He could have dropped me off at the next stop and radioed the other driver. Instead, he told me to walk. My bus flew by a few minutes later. I started to walk back home, but on my way I saw the sheriff’s deputy coming over the hill so I (unsuccessfully) hide in the sagebrush as he pulled over. He got out, I screamed & ran, he caught me, picked me up & struggled to get me into the truck while I kicked and screamed. I remember telling him who my mom was and his face literally dropped. He drove me home and explained to her what happened. She was seething, literally boiling and sent him packing. Idk what exactly went down, but he was reassigned to a teaching position within the district immediately. A few years later, my foster sister is being a bratty teen in math class (which he is teaching!), and tells the entire class what went down – a class full of teens, I’m sure you can imagine how well that went over.