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  • wasting_ti

    October 26, 2021 at 2:20 am

    As others have said, at 8 weeks you will likely see a black blob (yolk sack), with a small white blob (the baby). You will likely not see any limbs just yet. They will be able to detect a heartbeat at that time though. I got to see my blob at 6 weeks because I was having issues and won’t get to see the baby until 18 weeks for anatomy scan. My midwife recommended against NT scan, as she said the standard is changing and they usually cause more anxieties rather than help. I did an NIPT blood test instead. I am in CT for reference.

    Also, my first appointment was at 10 weeks (would have been 11 weeks if I didn’t know I was a week behind due to the early u/s)

    Good luck to you and congratulations!