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Forums Forums Group Forums Breaking Moms How do I stop my son running away from me in the shop? Reply To: How do I stop my son running away from me in the shop?

  • mechinbeck

    October 23, 2021 at 6:01 am

    Backpack leash. First time I had to use it I had to cry for a min because I could FEEL the judgement but then 2 seconds later got over it because my kids safe 🥰 my sons 4 and walks 90% perfectly besides me and if he walks away it’s no longer more then a few feet and then right back to me!! It takes patience!! Take short trips use a leash or wristlets give him a “job” make him a little list for when you’re shopping and remind him to keep his eyes open for his items so he doesn’t miss them! Keeps them calm and focused on something! My sons job was always rotating so he doesn’t get bored! One week he’s in charge of finding milk or our brand of bread another he has to find guitar and veg and count or weigh it out with me!

    My son is a stubborn opinionated strong willed little boy with no fear to absolutely destroy your will to survive when you’re with him but even my hell raiser can understand and be willing to compromise with the right approach. You got this!!!!