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Forums Forums Group Forums Breaking Moms How do you maintain the never ending mess of having children? Reply To: How do you maintain the never ending mess of having children?

  • katerpillar20

    October 22, 2021 at 10:38 pm

    I am never on top of this and mess is a trigger for my anxiety so its hard when i have a lot. But i realized few things helped me clean or declutter faster when i get the time.

    1. Always bring something to put back in the right place when leaving a room. Say youre going from bedroom to kitchen, bring any water canisters, baby bottles etc. That doesnt belong in the bedroom. Even if youre not doing dishes at that moment, at least they will be where you need them to be.

    2. Observe your daily routine for a week or two. Try to strip down common areas to things you only used in those 2 weeks. If you didnt use an item at that time, keep it somewhere else but close. E.g. I’ve pared down our vanity/bathroom counter to the things we only used during that 2 week period. I used to have so much makeup, itch cream, hair oil, curling iron, perfume, soap and shampoo refills, etc on top of the vanity. I tried boxes and trays to keep it looking neat but never stays like that. I realized i should just keep them in the cabinets and only bring out things we used. This way we never have to go through layers of items on the counter. Make it easy to pull out things and put them bacl in the cabinets by organizing them in easy to grab trays/boxes/pouches, it would depend what your storage space is. If you dont, they will spill back to the countwr slowly over the next months.

    3. Accept the mess. There will be weeks even months where you feel like you live in the red tag section of a Ross store, but you dont have to do it when you cant. In the end, we make do with what time we have. What you need to do right now so your family is healthy and safe is the top priority.