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  • DigOld24

    October 22, 2021 at 10:47 am

    Whew. That’s a tough situation to be in. Let me paint you a different picture…

    I work 40-50 hours per week, attend school full time, and also have 2 young kids.

    I put my family first, which is why I work so hard. I want my kids to have a better life, to grow up middle class instead of in abject poverty like I did.

    It’s hard, but it’s doable because I have a deep, burning desire to make it all work. I want everything for my kids, and I will work very hard to make that happen.

    Now, on the other half is my significant other, who knows how hard I work for our family. He also works very hard, and in this season of our life he is the stay at home parent. He is the primary caregiver.

    Did we want it to be like this? No. I prefer to spend more time with my kids, and he prefers to work outside of the home. He misses full time work, and I miss being mommy that takes care of all the little things for our kids.

    But, we do it. We do what we have to do to be the best we can be. It’s hard on both of us, but we both pull our weight.

    Now, for your husband.

    He is being selfish and putting himself first. He isn’t putting your child first. He isn’t putting you first.

    It’s him.

    Now, if I were you I’d go get a full time job so I could make rent, and I’d kindly tell the hubs to suck it up, because he’s on daddy duty. If he can’t handle that, you’re going to need a job anyway, because someone had to buy diapers, pay the rent, put food on the table and take care of adult things.

    Whether he’s there to enjoy the adult things is up to him.