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  • 1babybee

    October 22, 2021 at 11:00 am

    I had a husband who was basically the same. Lost his job before the baby was born, I worked full time to support us and we used some
    Of his inheritance to cover the rest. Our child is now 6 years old and this man still has no job and has run out of his inheritance. NOTHING CHANGED FOR HIM except he got more depressed. Thankfully for my own sanity. I left him right before my son turned 3. I made every attempt at helping him and fixing the marriage for my son but none of it worked. Sounds like you’re doing the same thing. Going as far as to have your parents co-sign for him and you getting him a job. He’s dead weight.

    At one point for me it felt like I was in a sea of responsibility and trying to keep myself and my child afloat while being tied to dead weight. Cut your losses and leave. Yes you want your son to have a father present but this guy can still show up and have fun with your child on his days while you live a happier more fulfilled life. It’s not easy by any means but it is absolutely worth it. I figured if I’m gonna do it all alone I might as well be alone. It’s been three years later, and every single day I’m so grateful I made that choice. I’m newly engaged, my career is thriving, And my son and I live in a happy home filled with joy and laughter.

    I truly wish you and your little one the best on this journey. It’s really hard when the image you had for your family doesn’t pan out the way you wanted. But you deserve so much more than what this guy is giving you and your son.