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  • dorkstone710

    October 22, 2021 at 7:06 am

    I know everyone is saying it and you haven’t replied to any of the comments but this is the kind of breaking mom post that makes me question whether I’m actually a bromo. Husbands are, if you read any posts here or other similar recipe communities, often basically other children. BUT, this situation you’ve described is really completely beyond that territory. He is actively sabotaging any progress you make and I honestly can’t believe the last sentence of your post isn’t, “So, I’m leaving him.” Because you’re out of options. You’ve literally tried everything short of going to his first day of work with him to make sure he followed through. Partnerships are about trust and mutual caring and respect. If he gave even 2 shits about you, your baby, your mental health or your family HE would do everything in his power to avoid taking money from them, or overburdening you. He has no pride, no motivation, no self respect and no respect for you. There is honestly only one reasonable choice left for you to make and you know what it is. Liberate yourself.