First time peeling the foil on a formula tin – have I peaked?

First Time Peeling The Foil On A Formula Tin - Have I Peaked? - Parenting - 2022

First time peeling the foil on a formula tin – have I peaked?

Originally posted 2021-01-03 01:41:05.


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  1. A clean fork ran through the powder will help to easily locate and retrieve the scoop. Sometimes those puppies are the whoooole way on the bottom of the can. Although this is probably odvious to many in my exhasted postpartum state it was a game changer for me. Lol

  2. The first time I used formula I opened the container and couldn’t find the scoop so I assumed they didn’t put scoops in for some reason? So I used my kitchen scale and weighed it. Every time. Until the canister was half empty… And there was the scoop!

    I will never understand why they just throw the scoops in loose like that…

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Saw This On Thedad And Had To Share 😂

Saw this on TheDad and had to share 😂

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