This Reminded Me Of The Earlier Post About Exaggerating Parents... Ha!
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Exaggerating parents

Exaggerating Parents - Parenting - 2023

This reminded me of the earlier post about exaggerating parents… ha!

Originally posted 2021-03-03 13:52:01.


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  1. My second would say mama for everything until she learned more words. This reminds me of that. She is 18 months now and when she gets mad at us she still reverts back to just saying mama over and over again. “MamamaMAAmaMAma” its hard not to laugh thinking what she could be saying lol.

  2. My mom always insisted my first word was watermelon. I have no idea why, I dont even like watermelons. I dug out my baby book to go over some stuff when I got pregnant, and it said first word, daddy 🙄

  3. My LO is babbeling and sometimes it sounds like she says mama, red and au in Norwegian but I don’t belive it’s her first words as she is 12 weeks 😂 but i like to pretend she’s calling for me

  4. Lol! I saw the first post. I try very hard not to be *that* parent, especially because my 3 year old has a speech delay.

    According to this, he does speak fluent Canine and Feline, so I guess he’s a genius! 😂😂😂

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