Yeah Just Don’t Touch My Baby!  ⁣
Um Yes! It’s Certainly Not Appropriate To Be...
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Don’t touch My baby! Really!?

Don’t Touch My Baby! Really!? - Parenting - 2024
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Thoughts on this mommas?  Personally, I didn’t mind (although this was about 14 years ago pre-covid). 😏

Has it ever happened to you?? 🙃

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  1. I’ve never been a person who touches a baby without parent’s permission even family members, but because I see so many moms in this era that literally get offended even by asking genuine questions I’ve decided to not pay attention to babies or pregnant women. I don’t bother to look or ask! Simple as that. I’m blessed to have my own kids!

  2. Builshit by the way when they were in the cave did they followed your rule 🤣. Just you know nowadays they measure any thing from cave time ….

  3. I am guilty of it. My coworker brought her baby in and i held him and kissed him on the cheek. He was soooo cute. I didn’t know better. She raised hell. I was so ashamed. He was 9 months old and this was 8 years ago.

  4. People in general tend to reach out and touch babies’ hands and feet, especially if they’re exposed… As a way of being friendly… and there is no rudeness in asking them not to do that because you as their parent is not comfortable with it! BUT it’s definitely a big no for someone to pick up or hold your baby without taking permission…. !! I’ve had semi-strangers, as in people i already know touch my 5 months old baby’s exposed hands and feet, and sometimes i just ask them not to ….. Definitely a completely different experience with a complete stranger especially in the pandemic

  5. Regardless, you still need to be kind to a stranger who touches your baby. Maybe that stranger was a mother who suffers from a miscarriage or had lost her baby when she gave birth. But it’s still depends. Just be kind or dont over react. I dont really like touching babies, too but I like staring at them because theyre just so adorable.

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