My In-Laws Are Watching The Baby For The Evening. My Husband Has Been In Camp For A Week. I Was Going To Do Chores And Go Shopping, But This Seemed Like A Way Better Idea After An Ass-Fuck Of A Week...

Doing Chores or…

Doing Chores Or... - Parenting - 2024

My in-laws are watching the baby for the evening. My husband has been in camp for a week. I was going to do chores and go shopping, but this seemed like a way better idea after an ass-f*ck of a week…

I found the attached picture doing the rounds online (sorry, can’t identify the original source so please comment if it’s yours). Absolutely 100% relatable!

Originally posted 2021-02-11 11:53:41.


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  1. I have to ask is this just for you? 😂

    Edit: I just read your post and Yep that’s all for you I seriously was not trying to shame I was actually pretty proud that you got all that food for yourself because I would never dream of doing that. But I’m thinking that I should totally should I don’t I would maybe do coconut water.

    Praying for your boobs.

    Use Tele dock and ask the doctor for SILVADENE prescription I’ve read on this blog or a forum that that stuff is great for Burns

  2. How old is your kid?

    Mad jealous because we’re still not comfortable with leaving our kid with my parents or my in laws (like actually leaving him with them), because we’re worried about phone calls.

  3. So Jealous! Currently pregnant again and I want that wine and sushi so much. Genuinely curious about the fried food. Is it cream cheese wantons or fried shrimp? Yummmmmm!!!

  4. Omg I understand your pain. Two weeks ago my husband started having symptoms and tested positive for Covid. He has been sequestered to the spare bedroom and I’ve had to stay home in case I have it too. For two weeks I have done all the cleaning, laundry, bringing him medicine and food, and taking care of the animals too. During this time my 14 week old started getting super fussy and whiny in the afternoons and basically screaming at me by the evening unless she is constantly held or entertained. I don’t know what’s up with her because she was always very independent before this. Luckily we haven’t had sleep problems yet. Husband came out of quarantine yesterday and while I’m thankful we are all ok I feel like I’ve been run ragged. It’s his turn for awhile to do basically everything while I drink some damn wine!

  5. My 16 week old have been super whiny too and doing weird talking whines!! I figure it’s just her personality growing and she’s grumbling about barely being able to move her own body but she wants stuff. Hopefully rolling and more movement helps her whining.

    Also, that cider looks amazing I’m so jealous that we don’t have that in the US. Enjoy the night! I haven’t had any alcohol in over a year and I would love to relax with a tasty drink.

  6. The last couple weeks my 15 week old baby has not wanted to nurse half the time and screams his fucking head off when I try. Of course, I have been having to pump even though my husband isn’t here. I luckily have an oversupply, but I am starting from scratch for fresh milk in the fridge and can only keep ahead by a couple bottles. He refuses to fall asleep unless he’s laying on me, although yesterday he whined himself to sleep twice in his boppy while I was busy. He’s really loving the whining. It’s actually really cute and sweet how talkative he is, but it is a double-edged sword… he yells out for me when I leave the room and he looooves doing weird whiny talking. Twice in 4 days he had blow-outs on the bed (I’ve had him just in pants because I’m 90% sure his rash on his tummy is a yeast infection, but of course can’t get an appt. until Friday and it’s a phone call). I literally just put on new sheets last night and he shit through to the protector. I had to call my dad twice at like 3am to talk me down because I was losing my fucking mind from the crying and whining, but of course I’m the only one who is here so I have to get it together.

    Today was supposed to be a day to get shit done. I haven’t vacuumed or mopped in who knows how long. I need to do a deep clean of the litter box. I have to do all the bedding again. I needed to go to the grocery store. But, when I went to start my vehicle and it was dead because my husband forgot to plug it in after driving it last I decided to say fuck it. I made 3 stops…. liquor store, chinese food, sushi. Now I’m going to watch a movie and drink some wine after eating so much food. Then, I’m going to eat more food. Maybe I’ll have a short nap. Then, I can walk to my in-laws house 5 houses away and bring home my baby and hopefully he will not be such a fussy boy tonight. And if he is, oh well, at least I got some time alone to cuddle my cats and not listen to my sweet boy’s incessant whining…

    Edit: I forgot to whine about the absolute nasty fuckin burns I got on my right boob. Two parallel lines going diagonal, one right across my nipple and one just a bit above it. Luckily, the one above my nipple is the worse one so I can still nurse (I use nipple shields which help). Little man has started grabbing and squeezing at my tits, so I have to restrain myself from getting mad when he hurts me. How did it happen? Being a dipshit and being naked while making an oven pizza. Giant titties + oven door = hell no

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