Do You Remember These On The Hard Days?

Motherhood Has Its Ups And Downs For Sure. But Sometimes The Downs Can Be So Overwhelming...

On Those Tough ...


Do You Remember These On The Hard Days? - Parenting - 2023


Motherhood has its ups and downs for sure. But sometimes the downs can be so overwhelming…

On those tough days, when it all just feels like too much to handle, keep these motherhood truths close to heart ❤️❤️❤️ they got me through a lot of the tough moments with little ones when the doubt crept in, when I felt so alone and when I just needed a break.

Do you have a phrase or mantra that got you through hard times as a new mama??
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  1. Any advice for day care? I always hold my son when he wants which is frequent. But at day care he is not able to constantly be held and the providers are having a hard time as well as him.

  2. I have a almost 4 month old son. I am trying to sleep train him but he will cry for an hour straight. And I just don’t want him to cry for forever. I feel like hell never go to sleep on his own. Any advice? I’m co sleeping now and breastfeeding. I think that’s where I messed up.

  3. So I had my period in Nov on the 14th and finished the following Friday on the 20th… December 23-24th me and my partner had sex 3 times and I still haven’t started my period. My supposedly expectation on my PMS date is Jan 4th or 3rd. Should I be worried right now 😬?

  4. You actually can spoil a baby if you carry it too much.It’ll get used to being carried and cry bloody murder when you don’t.

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