“Did you experience contractions while breastfeeding ? Share your story below!!!

“Did you experience contractions while breastfeeding 🤱🤱🤱? Share your story below!!! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼.

They’re really common, and get worse the more kids you have!

With my third I literally had to use my pain relief and breathing techniques that I used for labor! It was so bad – I remember telling my husband that I thought it was worse than labor because you don’t get a baby after 😂 (I may have been hormonal too)

The contractions will end a few weeks after baby – after your uterus contracts down to its normal size.

Isn’t our body amazing? Breastfeeding releases oxytocin which helps our uterus recover. So cool.” 🎥 @balanced.birth.couple


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  1. Yeees!!! I even sent my hubby for pain relief, but never used it in the end, was afraid that it will transfer to the baby. I remember lying in the bed at night, feeding, and literally crying, if was horrible…

  2. Definitely the worse!! I kept breastfeeding my first during pregnancy and tandem nursing them at the moment, they are 15 months apart… my contraction during breastfeeding them both will be remembered 😅

  3. So true! First, for my baby girl! But no one told me that it would be the same for my second child! The nurses told me, in the end, the more you have children, the worst the pain is 😩

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