Did Anyone Have An Extremely Active Baby In Utero?!
What Time Of The Day Was You...
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Did anyone have an extremely active baby in utero?!

Did Anyone Have An Extremely Active Baby In Utero?! - Pregnancy - 2024
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Did anyone have an extremely active baby in utero?!

What time of the day was your baby most active?

Did your baby become really active after eating a certain food?🍕

It always seems to be that when you want to sleep, your baby decides its party time! 🎉

Speaking of baby movement, often in your third trimester your doctor may ask you to perform “kick counts”. This exercise helps you to recognize times when your baby is most active. It also helps identify a possible cause for concern if you notice a decrease in the amount of baby movement.

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  1. Yes ..i m 33week prgnent.. little one is too active after eating..& whole day it was rolling, swimming in tummy.., & punching.. at same plce continuously.. but it’s such a good feeling💗💗love yu my baby😘😘

  2. My daughter would keep me awake if I lay on my side she would kick her foot hard through my stomach on to the mattress like pow pow pow I had to slap her foot then she would go it more in temper

  3. Omg. Tell me about it. My daughter is going to be a Muay Thai genius. I felt her SUPER early, at like 13-15 weeks, and she has been kicking my ASS from 4 months along, forward. Months 7 & 8 she kept kicking my ribs out of place. Now at 9 months she is really strong and I am SOOOO grateful that she has such little room.

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