Diastasis Recti: 5 Bad Habits Making Yours Worse - Postpartum Workouts Videos - 2023

DIASTASIS RECTI: 5 Bad Habits Making Yours Worse

Avoid making these Diastasis Recti mistakes because they are making your ab gap worse. Exasperating your Diastasis Recti causes an increased mummy tummy – pooch appearance in the stomach after having babies. Changing these habits will help you get the most of out of your diastasis recti healing exercises, so that you can successfully close your gap, have a stronger and more intact stomach, and flatten out the abdominal wall postpartum.

12 Week Post Pregnancy Plan:

FREE Prenatal Training Schedule:

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  1. Hi i jog and i have diastasis i dont get coning or leaks in my pants i used to can i carry on jogging? I hope u are well i habe a 3 finger dr gap across my belly button and below my bb

  2. I have been doing all of these at 3 months post partum, no wonder I'm sore! I'm going to start your 12 week post pregnancy plan soon, I just wanted to know how strong our pelvic floor should be before we start? I can hold for 5 seconds at the moment. Thank you! So excited to start your plan and close my ab gap!

  3. I am so grateful for your workouts – they have made such a huge difference for me!! Also: Can you tell me where you got the sign behind you? I absolutely love it!! ❤️

  4. Ashley, I am 12 weeks post partum, I have been making several of these mistakes – mostly getting out of get bed with my baby incorrectly 😔 but also a few of the workouts as well.
    What now? How difficult is it to fix the damage I have done? I know I have made it worse as in the last week I notice my stomach is actually bigger than it was 2 weeks ago!! 😓

  5. Hey Ashley..
    I am doing ur 12 weeks PP plan right now.. entering week 5..last weekend I realized my posture is not right n working on correcting the same.. I have the following doubts n questions;
    1) As per our email conversation before, I have been wearing a binder for 6 to 8 months..and now when I started the 12 weeks plan stopped wearing it completely n realized that my gap has become lil bit more than before..is it OK n common in these cases ?
    2) what is the best posture while sleeping so that I don't put pressure on my abdominal muscles?
    3) I practice an Indian dance form called Bharathanatyam.. should I continue it ? Will dancing affect the abdominal muscles by any chance?
    4) I was told by my PT & GP that I should always suck my tummy in.. when I was wearing binder all the time this was ok..but now I manually try to suck my tummy in..it is OK till half a day n after that I am not able to constantly do it.. will this make my DR get worse?
    5) Is it OK to do stretching like lying down n keeping legs against the wall.. standing n keeping the legs on table n so on with DR?
    Sorry to shoot so many questions.. I am struggling to close my DR for almost 20 months now.. I am 5 ft 2 n 118 pounds.. I was very conscious about my diet n did not gain weight during pregnancy.. but since I am petite I ended up have a 3 fingers gap DR.. which I was diagnosed PP 10 months by my GP..as my OBGYN said the gap will close automatically during my 6 weeks check up.. since my check up with GP i am trying everything to close the DR but it is not happening.. this is my last ray of hope.. hoping I too can close my DR and live without terrible back ache.. thank u in advance Ms.Ashley for ur time n consideration!!

    Best Regards,

  6. Hi there! I just came across you for the first time. I am interested in your 12 week postpartum course. I am 2.5 years postpartum. I never had the support to get back to exercise consistently. I just wanted to know more about the course for someone like me who is trying to cure an old diastis recti. I am extremely serious about working out consistently with a plan that works.

  7. I think you are just delightful!!! Also I would really love to do your 12 week program but I am afraid that I will quit on myself. Sadly, I have a big tendency to do that. Also I am 2 years post partum with my twins already.

  8. Seriously… I do all of these! 😂😭 Good timing. I am five and a half months postpartum after baby #2. I did the 12 week plan and the 21 day challenge (love them both! I'm addicted to your workout plans!), and my abs seemed to be doing great, and then I restarted the 12 week program with a friend (which starts easy on abs) and I feel like my mummy tummy came back! So I will definitely be more mindful of these things. Any other suggestions for me? Thanks for posting!

  9. You made this video at the perfect time! My baby is 7 weeks and I have been making these mistakes accidentally 😳 … I am currently doing your 12 week postpartum plan. On the days when there is no strength training I have been riding my bike on an indoor trainer. Now realizing The biking position has you in a forward position putting stress on the abs. should I stop riding and just stay with walking/jogging till I finish the 12 week plan?

  10. This is why I believe some of those belly binders / post partum corsets seem to work: the corset itself does nothing, it just makes it harder to make these "wrong" movements, and forces you in the "right" position.

    Like you can't sit up in an abdominal crunch on the bed if your corset is on super tight, you HAVE to roll off.

  11. Love your videos! On week 7 of your 12 week post pregnancy plan now after baby number 4 and loving it!! I cant wait to start your 10 minute plan after i graduate your 12 week plan 🙂 your so inspiring!

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