Your Newborn'S Cries Are His Way Of Communication. Tune In Closely So You Can Tr...
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Decoding Your Young Babies Cries

Decoding Your Young Babies Cries - Parenting - 2023

Your newborn’s cries are his way of communication. Tune in closely so you can try to figure out what he is saying with all those whimpers and wails.⠀

A Guide To Decoding Your Young Babies Cries

When your baby is tired: Listen for a whiny cry that builds to a nasal continuous cry.⠀

When your baby is hungry: Listen for short and low pitched cries that have a rhythmic rise and fall. If it sounds like baby is pleading, he is… for food.⠀

When your baby is bored: Listen for a cry that starts off as fussiness, turns to whimpers,and alternates with bursts of angry sounding wails.⠀

When your baby is in pain: Listen for a very loud, sudden, panicky cry — like a shriek, followed by a pause, then another shriek, another pause, then continuing in the same pattern.⠀

When your baby is sick: Listen for weak and lower-pitched cries.⠀

When your baby has painful gas: Listen for sudden crying accompanied by back arching.

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