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Decoding Your Young Babies Cries

Your newborn’s cries are his way of communication. Tune in closely so you can try to figure out what he is saying with all those whimpers and wails.⠀

A Guide To Decoding Your Young Babies Cries

When your baby is tired: Listen for a whiny cry that builds to a nasal continuous cry.⠀

When your baby is hungry: Listen for short and low pitched cries that have a rhythmic rise and fall. If it sounds like baby is pleading, he is… for food.⠀

When your baby is bored: Listen for a cry that starts off as fussiness, turns to whimpers,and alternates with bursts of angry sounding wails.⠀

When your baby is in pain: Listen for a very loud, sudden, panicky cry — like a shriek, followed by a pause, then another shriek, another pause, then continuing in the same pattern.⠀

When your baby is sick: Listen for weak and lower-pitched cries.⠀

When your baby has painful gas: Listen for sudden crying accompanied by back arching.

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