Dealing With Infertility Is One Of The Hardest Things A Woman Will Ever Go Through. You Never Know What Someone Is Struggling With. Making Unnecessary...

Dealing with infertility is one of the hardest things a woman will ever go through

Dealing With Infertility Is One Of The Hardest Things A Woman Will Ever Go Through - Conception - 2023

Dealing with infertility is one of the hardest things a woman will ever go through. You never know what someone is struggling with.

Making unnecessary and insensitive comments is wrong!!! Be kind to one another. What if strikes you or someone that you love?

Did you have trouble conceiving? How did you handle the cruel and negative comments? Share your experience below. 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 🎥 @peniel_enchill

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  1. This broke my heart cause I know exactly what it felt like thinking I was never gonna be a mom I was suffering from pcos for 5 years and one day god said it was time to get what I prayed for I just begun my 2nd trimester naturally pregnant I pray that god grants blessings to those who aren’t able to conceive ❤️amen

  2. I too have struggled through infertility for three years, I was suffering from pcos infertility tried All the possibilities & now I’m naturally pregnant…. 💜 I’m about to enter the second trimester….. I wish baby dust for all those who wanna conceive 😍

  3. I dealt with this with my recent marriage. We been married for 5 years my husband want to wait until we were in a better place finically and we were we were fighting for sole custody for my son from my first marriage and i was granted sole custody. I was really down because my first marriage failed and my new loving husband stuck with me thru working out custody arrangement with my ex. I had been mentally abuse from the ex and my husband stepped in and we hired a great lawyer. Many times i felt i wasn’t apart of my new in laws even though they said they love me. I am 36 years old and I had co-workers tell they me they had menopause as early in their 30’s. We decided to try earlier this year before covid happened. Even so i had some complications I went to see an obgyn and she couldn’t give me an answer of why I was bleeding during ovulation and missed my period in February. I was not in pain or in any danger. Her advice was lose some weight and take my vitamins. After 3 months i managed to lose 12lbs. I felt it in my heart and God telling me i will have a baby next year. Around June it seem as though the numbers of cases went down the state where i lived. I talked to my mother in law that we been trying and she told me her struggles of getting pregnant when she was my age. She told me to try this month anyways despite of what’s going on in the world and have faith in God he is willing. I almost missed my opportunity because i was focused on losing weight but on 22 days after my period I was curious enough and took a test to see if i was ovulating and it was a good day to make a baby. Fast forward after 4th of July i took a pregnancy test and It came out positive. My first born is now 11 years old. I’ve waited a long time and I’m really happy and exhausted all the time now. I know a lot of women out there feels pressured and down. I know also the people who says these things don’t realize words do hurt because they are anxious themselves. I was afraid my husband was also infertile because he is overweight and so am I. I hope and pray for be blessed!!

  4. This is my biggest fear 😔 at a very young age I had a calling for adoption (which is a beautiful idea and have always been opened for it) but Now that I met my future husband and talk about having our own babies, I get sad. Because I remember the day I had a call for adoption at a very young and odd age and think to myself “what if God wanted me to always have an opened heart for adoption and that was his way of introducing it to me?” But I have faith and God knows how much my man and I want a baby of our own 💫

  5. Sending to blessings to everyone that is pregnant and I wish you all a safe delivery ❤️ I’m 21 and expecting my first baby with hubby. I was told my chances were very low to conceive and if I did the baby wouldn’t make it. But I’m 16 weeks in 😊

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