Welcome To One Of The Biggest Fears Of Childbirth.. The Wonderful Contractions!
Just The Word Contraction Is Intimidating.
How To Cope With Contractions?
The First Thing Will Be To Loo...
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CONTRACTIONS – Welcome to one of the biggest fears of childbirth

Contractions - Welcome To One Of The Biggest Fears Of Childbirth - Pregnancy - 2024


🙌🏽 Welcome to one of the biggest fears of childbirth.. the wonderful contractions! Just the word contraction is intimidating.

⁉️ How to cope with contractions?
😍 The first thing will be to look at contractions from a different perspective.
Rather than the “painful part” we should see them as the big helper.

👍🏼 Without contractions our cervix would never dilate, and without this our baby would never come.

1. We welcome contractions!! 🙌🏽 We love contractions! We look forward to have contractions.

2. 👍🏼 Contractions are a temporary sensation. Birth has been designed to cope with it, if that would not be that case, then would there be so many humans in the world? Our uterus will contract (in normal circumstances) for 40-60 seconds and then relax with no pain at all for 2-4 minutes. See contractions just as a temporary feeling!

3. 🧘‍♀️ Use breathing techniques! Distraction is the key. The pain doesn’t come directly from the uterine muscles, the pain is generated by our brain. If our brain is focusing on other “business “ like counting while we are breathing, this will benefit us as it keeps our brain busy and takes the attention away from pain.

4. 🤗 Use a comb (acupressure + distraction). Gripped in your hands, a comb can help to touch acupuncture points in your hands, keeping you distracted as well.

♥️ Your body will never go against you. Contractions will bring your baby into your arms.
Welcome them, look forward to them.

And remember, you are stronger than them because they are part of you.

Amazing drawing by @agustinaguerrero on Instagram


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  1. It helped me to visualize my baby coming down and getting closer to his way out. I kept encouraging the baby in my mind: “you’re doing great, keep doing your thing, mama’s got you…”.

  2. I coped pretty well by being mad about something. I am terrified of spiders, and just before I went into labor, my mom had told me about a woman who touched a spider, it bit her, and she died. I was focusing on that through several contraction just thinking, “SEE?? I WAS RIGHT!!! SPIDERS DO KILL PEOPLE! AND PEOPLE THINK I’M CRAZY!” Whatever your view on spiders, it made me mad that anyone would touch a spider on purpose and helped me through the contractions. 😂💁‍♀️

  3. I am so scared of contractions but this is so beautifully put and makes complete sense. Thank you for helping me change my perception.

  4. 2 weeks ago i had contractions and was in so much pain, my husband said “talk to me whats wrong”. I wanted to slap him. I have a 2 weeks newborn now

  5. It helped me a lot to know that a contraction is like a Wave. It builds up until it reaches the highest point and then gets easier. And it lasts only 60 seconds. Plus inhaling through the nose and slowly exhaling through the mouth helps with the pain. I concentrated on these things and felt almost no pain at all

  6. Breathing, walking, squatting on a ball, and being on my hands and knees all helped bring baby down. But also wording can help if we call contractions, waves or rushes because unfortunately contraction has a lot of negative connotation.

  7. As soon as I felt my first contraction, I got up and started cooking! I wasn’t gonna let them have me starving in that hospital 😂

  8. I think I might be having contractions right now, just started, woke me up at 0545, too soon too well. Could be a various amount of reasons, will keep you guys posted!!

  9. I had a natural birth (by choice) and I remember the contractions being so terrible.. when I was at 9 Cm I was so exhausted (36 hour labour) that no matter how painful my contractions were I was falling asleep 😭 but my baby girl came very very quickly after & it’s so amazing how all the pain completely just stops once they come out 😭

  10. I supposed to apply the breathing technique I’d learned before but it turned out I screamed and gripped my husband’s arm back to back *it was sooo embarrasing 😂* then I remembered my mother encouraged me by saying something like ‘what a smart baby! It’s allright, he’s just trying to find a way out’.

  11. So much breathing! Every time negative thoughts came in like “I can’t do this!” I pushed them aside and told myself I could.

  12. Breathing techniques + Bible verse (I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
    Philippians 4:13) 🤗🤗🤗

  13. This picture reminded me of when Mr. Crocker from fairly odd parents would flip out everytime he said “fairy god parents” 😂

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