Choosing A Potty And Where To Put It

Potty Training

When your child shows interest in or is ready for potty training, it is time to install a potty in your home. Take your child to shop for his “special chair”; Explain what it will be used for and let him decide which one to buy.

After you have brought the potty home, write your child’s name on it.

Though strange as this may sound, before first use, encourage your baby to play with it and put it where he wants. Perhaps consider letting your baby surround her potty with her favourite stuffed animals, books, and toys.

Choosing A Potty And Where To Put It
Taking Pride In Owning Something Will Often Facilitate Your Toddler Or Preschooler’S Interest In Potty Use

Taking pride in owning something will often facilitate your toddler or preschooler’s interest in potty use, and starting in the right way will allow you to satisfy a powerful desire to “do it alone.”

On the other hand, children who are more focused on being the older sibling may prefer to use a stool to get on the adult toilet and use a child seat rather than a potty.

It is not necessary to put the potty in the bathroom first. While some parents have found that placing their child potty in the bathroom helps their child more quickly associate it with the act of pooping or peeing, others have had more success in keeping the potty in their child’s bedroom, where it is easily accessible after a nap, or in the kitchen to use after meals.

Later, when your child has started using the potty on a regular basis, you can take it to the bathroom or even replace it with a child seat on an adult toilet.

Do you have any other hints or tips you followed when choosing a potty for your child and finding a home for it in the early days?

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