Challenging Prenatal Workout Plan / Schedule
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Challenging Prenatal Workout Plan / Schedule


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  1. Hi,

    So 3 months prior to pregnancy I was working out 4 x a week for 30 minutes and then at about week 6-10 of pregnancy I stopped because just was not feeling upto it (nausea and sickness was awful!)

    Should I ease into your work out plan maybe now that I’m thinking of starting again? Maybe working out 4x a week too or just go for it?

  2. Are you or your husband still in the military? My dad was in the US Army for 30 years (as well as brother, uncles, and grandparents,) so I grew up as a "military brat." I did have a ROTC scholarship at my university, but ended up taking a different route in my education/career path.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your prenatal workouts! Sorry Im totally jealous of your very fit pregnancy bod but Im encouraged to try and be a buff momma too! Anyway, Im used to the "atleast 30 mins of exercise" rule so my question is that I noticed that your videos are kind of short, is that on purpose or are we supposed to do the video routine a couple times?? or supplement with other video workout routines?? Thanks again!

  4. Hi! I bought your post natal plan and I wanted to use your pre natal plan for the last few weeks of my pregnancy. Everytime I fill out the form on your website, nothing gets sent to me:( Is it still available?)

  5. Ashley, I'm SO thankful you made this calendar. After doing your 12 week post partum program, then the LFSC, and getting into the best shape, I'm pregnant again! :'D
    So i'm really excited to start this!

  6. Hey Ashley love love love your workouts of pregnancy! Keeps me sane as I always worked out and being pregnant I am quite confused on what workouts I can do to be lean and fit yet safe for baby! Have a quick question with regards to your workout schedule. Do we do one round each only? For example, on monday it says 12 minute full body cardio and 1st trimester glue sculpting cardio (It doesn't spicy how many times to do the video)? As when playing the video at the end of ful body it says to do 1 more round, and for glute sculpting it says 2-3 rounds. I have only been doing 1 round of FULL body and then 1 round of gute sculpting for the day. Am I doing it right or should I be doing more rounds of the workout? Thanks too much <3

  7. I am so happy to have found this!! Have been doing your workouts since I was 15 weeks, now just over 19, but never knew which to do on any given day. This keeps it super simple, so thank you!

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