Challenging Prenatal Chair Pilates - Third Trimester Workouts Videos - 2024

Challenging Prenatal Chair Pilates

Originally posted 2015-07-09 22:40:07.


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  1. I'm still loving your workouts. The one aspect I haven't done much of is the running days. I usually try to fill those days with one of your cardio workouts instead…one reason being I have a toddler that insists on walking most of the time (rather than riding in the stroller) and two I struggle running. You mentioned in one of your videos (can't for the life of me remember which one) that you wrote a blog about running while pregnant. I wanted to read that so that if I do get the chance to run I can make sure I understand the tips and whatever else you may share to make sure I stay safe. I tried to find your blog but can't. Do you mind sharing a link to that article if it is still up on the web? I would love to read it.

  2. I consider myself in fairly good shape and this workout gets me EVERY. TIME. 😰 I loveeee to hate, and hate to love this one!

  3. I didnt like this one very much but I love all your other pregancy workouts I have tried until today 🙂 I am 2 weeks through your plan now! So proud of myself haha.

    I found it really hard to find the balance with one leg high and holding the chair and somehow then I didnt know where I was supposed to feel the burn. The last exercise I finally switched to the floor and that was so much better for me!

    Thank You so much for all your Work. I Love You. Btw do you think I will see some muscles if I stick to the plan even If my eating isnt always on point?
    Love from Germany ❤️

  4. I've worked out 6 days/week my entire pregnancy doing mostly low impact HIIT workouts. I always warm up & stretch afterwards. Since my 3rd trimester, I've been feeling a "sore" feeling in the crotch/bikini area that doesn't seem to go away. I'm battling varicose veins, so it could just be that; but do you recommend any particular stretches or workout moves that might help? I don't feel consistently sore anywhere else. TIA

  5. This was so hard today!! I also had done this right after the booty shape up and I could barely lift my legs to do those donkey kicks at the end! You have great flexibility! 7 weeks working out to your videos and 25 weeks pregnant today.

  6. You are amazing Ashley! My sister sent me a link to your work outs (we are due the same day) and I said wait… that's my neighbor!!! Or was I should say 🙂 just getting into my third trimester and loved this work out!

  7. you inspire me. I've always been pretty fit and worked out before and during my pregnancy. it is getting harder due to being 33 weeks with my first. you keep me pushing with these wonderful workouts. thanks so much!

  8. you surely are exceptional! its my first baby, 6weeks pregnant. Was just browsing through workouts and yours seem the best and most promising. will definitely be following through and through in hope of not becoming a sack of potatoes.

  9. Do you have any kind of yoga routine that you do? I'd like to get more into yoga (breathing, stretching, feeling a little more flexible) but I'd like to do your routine if you have one. Thanks.

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