Challenging Pregnancy Workout: Sexy Legs With Chair Or Step - Third Trimester Workouts Videos - 2023

Challenging Pregnancy Workout: Sexy Legs With Chair or Step


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  1. Challenging workout! During push-ups I saw an info button for "DR Modifications" but it links to your website and to the locked post pregnancy plan. Do you have a video on push-ups during pregnancy if you have a more severe DR (presume against wall)? Love your stuff and so glad I found it during this third pregnancy!

  2. This was my first time doing this exercise; it was so good! Man, those Bulgarian Squats! And I had never see that modification for a push up before. Push ups = death for me, so the modification really helped me! 🙂 Thanks so much Ashely! Great workout!

  3. I love all your pregnancy workouts! I've been using them all since the beginning of my 5th pregnancy. I am 22 weeks along now. I know you're not pregnant now, but I would love some new workouts for pregnancy!

  4. Dear Ashley, I truly enjoyed and loved the effect of your workout routines while pregnant and now, after my baby's birth, I would love to use your 12 week transformation. I would like to know whether you are able to offer any discounts at this time? Thank you, Syuzan

  5. So happy I stumbled upon your videos. I'm 28 weeks and combined this workout with your squat challenge for a killer workout this morning. Thank you for the inspiration. Just love your energy!!

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