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Catching poop with my bare hand before it hits the bath water

Catching Poop With My Bare Hand Before It Hits The Bath Water - Parenting - 2022

Catching poop with my bare hand before it hits the bath water so we don’t have to disinfect/rebath was not a skill I planned to acquire

Originally posted 2021-02-07 15:51:46.

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  1. One of the top 5 Pyrrhic victories available to you in parenthood! I remember the first time I did this. I was so proud of my reflexes that I didn’t have time to be grossed out.

  2. We have a designated poop scoop for the bath. It doesn’t get deployed much these days but it has seen some action and has caught some bath poops before they hit the water. It’s an odd and specific reflex to catch that poop!

  3. Wow that’s next level, lol! I nanny for two kiddo’s and the little boy, who’s almost 2, is currently potty training. I don’t use diapers at all anymore, only pull-ups and I make sure to have him go every couple of hours at most! Today I tried to get him to poop before his nap & he wouldn’t so he pooped during his nap. When I take him to his bathroom that’s in his room I sit him on the counter to undo the sides of the pull-up. When I did that today and went to pull it away, it got stuck on his bottom & ended up flinging poop EVERYWHERE. All over his leg & tummy, the walls, the floor, everywhere! I stuck him in the bath & washed him & as soon as his bath was over I put him back on the potty to try to go pee. As soon as he started peeing he peed all over the floor and the rug. Needless to say today was a ROUGH potty training day, lol!

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