Can You Take A Hot Bath During Pregnancy
Yes you can take a hot bath during pregnancy however avoid saunas and hot tubs
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Can You Take A hot Bath During Pregnancy?

Can You Take A Hot Bath During Pregnancy
Yes You Can Take A Hot Bath During Pregnancy However Avoid Saunas And Hot Tubs

Everyone enjoys a hot bath but what about during pregnancy? 🛀 ⁣
This myth has been circling around for many years, and some women think they have to abstain from taking a nice long hot bath while they are pregnant. ⁣
Well, that’s simply is not true!⁣

What is true is that a CRAZY CRAZY hot steamy bath IS not such a good idea (I’m talking higher than probably your water heater can get for long enough to fill up your bath!)⁣⠀⠀⁣

Piping hot baths CAN raise your body temp to dangerous levels, and can even burn your skin. We don’t want that. ⁣
As a general rule, don’t step into a bath where you’re uncomfortably hot. If you are comfortable, you are safe!⁣ Test the water with your elbow or forearm before getting in. This part of your body is more sensitive to temperature than your feet or hands.

Avoid Saunas and Hot Tubs during pregnancy

Saunas and hot tubs are not such a great idea while you are pregnant.

Unlike a hot bath that slowly decreases in temp, a sauna and/or a hot tub ALWAYS stays at a consistent temperature, so you are at much higher risk of raising your body temp to high levels, which can be unsafe for you, and your baby. ⁣High temperatures, especially early in pregnancy, have been associated with an increased risk of neural tube defects
Saunas are also kind of hard to breathe in, let’s be honest….and we don’t want you passing out or having any trouble breathing while you are pregnant!⁣
I happened to LOVE a nice warm bath after a long day during my pregnancy and I enjoyed them very often! (I still do, it’s one way I can truly unwind and relax lol!) ⁣
Are you a bath person?? 😊

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  1. What about a hot shower, no more then 10 mins? I am constantly freezing, especially my feet and hands and nice warm shower, maybe on slightly hot side is the only thing that warms me up!

  2. No more than 100*… i lost my first baby at 12 weeks because indid not know this and took hor barhs everyday (and because yiu cant speak with a dr until your first exam at 12 weeks, so nobody told me this).

  3. You CAN do the hot tub if you know how hot the water is and it doesn’t go above 100° and you only stay in for less than 20 min.

  4. When I’m pregnant I sit in a hot bath every night (with minor exceptions) and it’s amazing!!!! I drink ice water while I’m in the tub as I hate lukewarm baths so they’re hot. However I never stay in if I feel badly or get overheated. I’m almost due with baby #3 and we’ve never had any issues!

  5. Here In Finland we go to Sauna even when we are pregnant. We have done it as long as finns have used saunas. But we Finns love saunas and it’s part of out coulture. Old days women gave birth In sauna so that’s not so dangerous place. The warmt relaxes the mom. 😊

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