Can You Put A Sock In Paul’s Mouth?
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Can you put a sock in Paul’s mouth?

Can You Put A Sock In Paul’s Mouth? - Parenting - 2024

Can you put a sock in Paul’s mouth? LOL.

For those interested, the book is called Pat the Daddy: A Parody and is available via Amazon here:

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  1. I was gifted a 30 year old book about pregnancy from a friend. It was gifted to her when she was pregnant. I started doing a quick leafing through it and then I saw this: don’t forget to pack your make up bag to take to the hospital. You will need to look good for your SO.

    Excuse me? I closed it and put it on the library shelf. SO refers to it as the book that lives on our shelf. He has also a story from a colleague who had spontaneous labor and her husband packed her hospital bag for her. She had no clothes for going home because he packed prepregnancy clothes for her.

  2. When we were at the gyn office at the start of pregnancy my SO pulled out a book, a serious pregnancy book, and read the following:

    Things not to say to your pregnant partner: “How much bigger are you planning on getting?”

  3. On a more serious note, good lord I hope men don’t actually come to their wives saying this stuff- like how much of a tune up do your empathy and brain-to-mouth filters need??

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