Can You Eat Sushi During Pregnancy?

Can You Eat Sushi When Pregnant
Can You Eat Sushi When Pregnant
Does Being Pregnant Mean Its Time To Say Goodbye To Sushi?

Who LOVES sushi? 🙋🏼‍♀️⁣🍣

I actually CRAVED THE HECK out of sushi during my pregnancy (I ate it at least once a week 😂🙌🏻)⁣

But did you know, sushi isn’t exactly one of those taboo foods you can’t eat during pregnancy!⁣

Pre-prepared sushi is usually a no-no when you’re pregnant, because it may be contaminated with listeria. And if the sushi contains raw fish it may also carry parasites.

But if you are eating cooked and/or veggie sushi from a reputable place, you’re fine!⁣

You can also make your own at home. Many supermarkets stock sushi staples, such as nori sheets, short-grained rice and rice vinegar.

Fill your sushi with a mix of cooked or tinned fish, freshly boiled prawns, vegetables or cooked meat. Enjoy it straight away, with or without wasabi and pickled ginger which can be great for morning sickness.

SO yep, raw fish-based sushi is a no but California roll? GIMME!!! 🥰😍⁣

Did you eat sushi during your pregnancy??⁣

Originally posted 2021-04-20 11:37:29.

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  1. I miss raw sushi soooo much. I’ve been limping along with cooked rolls. First postpartum meal is going to be several spicy tuna rolls.

  2. I eat the veggie and cooked meat sushi! Not a fan of the raw stuff even when not pregnant anyway. In the restaurant I have had a few other customers stare at me. Don’t care!

  3. One of the main issues is the mercury in the fish… Listeria cases are so rare. (More common in fruits and veggies) Avoid any deep sea fish (tuna, shark, swordfish) and make sure its from high end, reputable establishment. I only eat raw salmon (high in omega 3 and very low mercury)… Cali rolls and similar don’t even have anything raw in them. Its imatation crab which is fully cooked. If in doubt, get a tempura roll 😂

  4. California rolls are safe to eat ?!!? 😯 What about the creaminess, I would image that would be Mayo and I thought you couldn’t eat mayo during pregnancy?

    1. Although it’s best to avoid homemade mayonnaise, which may contain undercooked or raw eggs, commercial mayo is safe to eat during pregnancy as it’s made with pasteurized eggs