Can I Wear High Heels When Pregnant
Is it time to say goodbye to your heels during pregnancy?
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Can I Wear High Heels When Pregnant?

Can I Wear High Heels When Pregnant
Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Your Heels During Pregnancy?

Can I Wear High Heels When Pregnant? It’s a fair question, especially as you’ll see many famous celebrities and Instagrammers continuing to wear heels throughout pregnancy.

With that said, is it safe to wear high heels during pregnancy or is this just a case of vanity over security?

Why shouldn’t pregnant women wear high heels?

According to orthopedists, the daily use of high heels during pregnancy increases the risk of women developing problems in the feet, knees, heels, back and ankles.

If you consider that the body works as if it were a pendulum with two forward and backward movements, the high heel disrupts the running axis of the gait, generating an imbalance in the body.

When wearing flat shoes, the front of the foot receives about 40% of the body weight. When wearing high heels, this increases to almost 100%, which over time will cause chronic problems such as bursitis, tendonitis and bunions.

Heels and the weight of pregnancy

During pregnancy, there are changes in the centre of gravity of the woman’s body because her belly grows and the weight moves forward causing an imbalance.

High heels during pregnancy could cause a lumbar hyperlordosis since it makes the curvature of the spine more accentuated causing bad posture, pain and discomfort. Lordosis may cause lower back pain which in extreme cases could result in the need for physiotherapy.

Which heel can I wear during pregnancy?

Though high Stilettos heels are generally a no-no as they risk causing serious problems, an alternative would be to go for shorter shoes with wide heels that are stable and comfortable.

Many pregnant women choose to wear shoes with wedged heels, however, they are also not great because it is still easy to twist your ankle wearing high wedges, especially on uneven floors such as sidewalks with holes.

If you do want to go for a shoe with a relatively high heel during pregnancy, go for a shoe that has a maximum of 3 centimetres of the heel, be square with an enclosed back to help give your ankle a little added protection.

Tips For Wearing High Heels In Pregnancy

Can I Wear High Heels During Pregnancy
Follow These Tips If You Want To Wear High Heels During Pregnancy

So fair to say, if you are still asking pondering can I wear high heels when pregnant? The short answer is, it’s not really. 😪

However, if you simply can’t let go of your favourite pair of Christian Louboutins, consider the following tips to keep yourself and your baby safe.

  • It is okay to wear low heels in your first trimester, after which the hormonal flow increases and your muscles start to stretch.
  • Try to wear lower and sturdier heels.
  • Buy shoes that are comfortable and don’t create a tight grip on your feet.
  • Avoid stilettos, platform heels or kitten heels. The thinner the heels, the lesser support your body will get, making it all the more difficult to maintain balance.
  • If you have to wear heels during the entire day, try to take short breaks. Take them off for a while, relax your feet and then put them on again.
  • At parties or outings, avoid walking or standing for longer durations in high heels. If you have to wear them to get the perfect look, try to sit around most of the time.
  • Replace your heels with flats for everyday purpose.
  • If you have worn heels and are experiencing discomfort, try stretching exercises for calf muscles and gently massage your feet

Are you ready to say goodbye to your heels during pregnancy?

Or were you going to punch stick with it to see how you go? 😀

Let us know in our comments below

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