Alot Of Mothers Have Had Their Babies Through Cs And Came Out Strong. Many More ...
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Caesarean Section Moms Rock Too!

Caesarean Section Moms Rock Too! - Pregnancy - 2024

Absolutely adore this image by @spiritysol on Instagram ❤️ Lots of mothers have had their babies through cesarean section and came out strong.

Many more mothers will still have their babies through cesarean section and still come out strong.

No woman should be stigmatised or called lazy for birthing through cesarean section.

Shout out to the belly birth mamas – the warrior women who lay their lives on the operating table for their little ones. You are brave. You are bold. You are beautiful.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to know what it felt like to give birth vaginally. It does suck that I will never have that chance

  2. Damn right. I labored for over 30 hours before needing a c-section due to failure to progress. Even if mine had been a scheduled c-section, my birthing process and motherhood would still be valid. Some people act like having a c-section is the easy way out without considering the fact that it’s a major abdominal surgery.

  3. I cheer for them I would love to have a c section everyone i know except for one says they felt good after a few days instead of weeks what they try to scare you with plus later in life you won’t have problems controlling your blather

  4. 🤍 I love this… I definitely wanted a natural birth and had an emergency CS at 29 weeks. I think a lot of people forgot that it’s a major surgery. Love my CS mommies out they ✊🏽 Wear these scars with pride!!!

  5. There is nothing lazy about a CS i wanted to have a regular VB i was prepared!!! But god had other plans & that stuff is NOT Easy The Recovery part Is HELL💯

  6. I needed this thank you 😍❤️ going in soon with my 3rd baby boy, third csection and I couldn’t be proud more of myself and body and thankful to god …. roll on November 🤩🤩🤩

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