Are You Having A C-Section? ⁣  .⁣
Here Are Some Tips About Recovery! ⁣
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C-Section Recovery Tips

C-Section Recovery Tips - Postpartum - 2023

Are you having a C-Section? Here are some tips for C-section recovery! 🥰⁣

✴️ Take it EXTRA EXTRA slow. Many moms find that they really can’t do much of anything but hold/feed baby in the first few days at home. ⁣

✴️ Contrary to what many think, yep….you still have vaginal bleeding (I know, some people don’t realize that!). You’ll still have approximately the same amount of vaginal bleeding that a woman who has had a vaginal delivery will have. Your placenta still detached from your uterine wall, and that takes time to heal!⁣

✴️ There’s a big incision on your abdomen, so bending down WILL take some getting used to! ⁣

✴️ Going along with that, make SURE you hold your incision with a small pillow/towel/something when you cough/sneeze/laugh etc. This helps decrease the stress on the incision and can help decrease the likelihood of it re-opening.⁣

✴️ Ibuprofen and stool softeners are you, friends, take ‘em unless you have contraindications!⁣

✴️ And finally, make sure you have lots of help! This goes for either way you deliver the baby (obviously), but esp for c-section mamas, because you will be much more limited in the early days! Whether it’s your partner, your family or friends coming over, make sure you have ample support lined up, you’ll need it! ♥️⁣

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C-section mamas, do you have any other recovery tips you can share?

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  1. I wasn’t surprised with vaginal bleeding because I had an emergency C-section. So I thought it was because of that. So you have vaginal bleeding even if you had a scheduled C-section? The laughing part was really painful.

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