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Buying Diapers – Top Tips To Save Money

At an average of 25 cents per brand name disposable diaper, you might spend around $ 750 on 3,000 diapers in the first year of use, and that doesn’t even include wet towels, anti-scald ointments and all the other paraphernalia you use. to change diapers.

Looking at these numbers, we thought it would be helpful to point out several ways that it is possible to save a little money when it comes to the diaper area.

  • Start small. Start by buying fewer diapers. You want to make sure you have enough diapers available, but remember that your newborn will grow very fast. If you buy a more expensive brand at first, remember that as your baby grows (his skin becomes less sensitive, his stools will be less liquid, and his urine will not be as frequent), you will likely decide to experiment with other brands in the early days so don’t buy in bulk in the early days.
  • Divide and conquer. Calculate the cost per diaper. This may sound obvious, but by just dividing the cost of a diaper pack into the number of diapers it includes, you can determine if it is a good deal or if it is just clever advertising or packaging. You will find that oversized packages are not always a savings and that one store’s ‘Super Amazing Offer’ will not always be less than another store’s normal price.
  • Clip coupons.If you search the newspapers and on the web, you can often find enough discount coupons for diapers that you can take advantage of, especially in stores that duplicate the manufacturer’s coupons or offer to give away an additional pack for the purchase of a normal pack.
  • Think big. When you find a deal or have coupons, buy more diapers in advance to avoid a trip to the grocery store in the middle of the night when they run out.. You may want to consider having a stock of diapers one size larger than what your baby is currently wearing so that you won’t be left with a good amount of diapers that your baby no longer fits.
  • Join the club. Take note of frequent buyer clubs. You know you will be buying diapers for a long time, so by simply saving proof of purchase (or “diaper points”), many companies will reward you with clothing, toys, music, and other baby products. Similarly, some grocery and drug store chains keep track of the money spent on baby items in their store and give sales or coupons every time a certain figure is reached (for example, get a $ 10 coupon every time you spend $ 100 worth of baby items at that store).
  • Consider your options. Consider using cloth diapers that you can wash and reuse. While some people think that using a diaper supply service is the same as buying disposable diapers, washing cloth diapers yourself can save you half of what you would spend if you only used disposable diapers.

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Do you have your own tips when it comes to buying Diapers or Nappies?

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