Best Prenatal Workout Program (Free!) For Each Trimester Of Pregnancy - Third Trimester Workouts Videos - 2023

Best Prenatal Workout Program (FREE!) for Each Trimester of Pregnancy

This is the best prenatal workout program that you will find anywhere on the internet, and Ashley Keller from GlowBodyPT made it COMPLETELY FREE to genuinely serve pregnant women and their babies. You get a click and go training schedule that takes you to full-length workouts based on your week of pregnancy and your trimester of pregnancy. These are intense prenatal workouts designed specificly for pregnant women who want challenging workouts that are quick and to-the-point, while also being 100% safe for baby and preparing the body for a healthy labor and delivery.


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  1. Thank you so much for this. I also felt the same when I searched youtube for challenging prenatal workouts. I'm used to strength training and hiit and didn't know how to go about training during my pregnancy.

  2. Done your exercises during pregnancy and your Postpartum Plan afterwards. Its brilliant. Closed my diastesis recti finally after finishing it and get my flat belly back 😁

  3. I've enjoyed this plan with 3 of my 4 pregnancies (found her after my first baby). I kept my weight healthy during pregnancy and lost the weight quickly after. I have done the postpartum plan 3 times and had amazing results. Ashley is my fave youtuber for workouts and I tell everyone! So many ask what I do to stay in shape during and after baby and my answer is always…"GlowBodyPT." Thanks, Ash!

  4. This plan has been amazing during my pregnancy (I am 20 weeks!). I had a slow start because of really bad morning sickness, and I just took three weeks off because we had to move ourselves to a new post, but when I do your workouts, I feel amazing! My last pregnancy was really hard on my body. Even though I am dealing with most of the same issues, I feel better and happier thanks to this plan! Thank you for making this amazing resource free! 💕

  5. Thank you, I've had bad nausea and was unable to get out of bed until a couple weeks ago I am 17 weeks now and really looking forward to this program. This is my second pregnancy and I want to keep fit to prepare my body for labour and couldn't find much that catered to my need. This is perfect and I am so grateful that it is free. It is going to make a huge difference to my health and well-being for me and my family.

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