Best Prenatal Booty Lift Glute Workout - Third Trimester Workouts Videos - 2023

Best PRENATAL Booty Lift Glute Workout


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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your workouts and have been following along with your Prenatal Calendar since week 13, I'm now 19 weeks. Unfortunately, this particular video made my SPD flare up BIG TIME! Any tips on which of your videos to avoid or movements to avoid to help stay away from the painful affects of SPD? Any SPD exercise to strengthen or eliminate??? Thanks!!!

  2. Oh this was the first time I tried this workout, and man was it hard and I didn’t even have ankle weights! I am 29 weeks and have been working out to your schedule for 12 weeks now, but I definitely still found this hard without the weights!

  3. Hey Ashley, it's Katharina again 🙂 I just downloaded your free prenatal workout plan – I love it, thank you! I am week 19 now and I just started to exercise again – now my question – do you think I can jump into week 19 on the plan? Or do you recommend I start with the beginning of the plan?? Appreciate your opinion on this – thanks! 🙂

  4. Awesome burn! Thanks, Ashley. I'm 28 weeks along and have been following your full prenatal program. Love it! I feel much more fit this pregnancy than with my first.

  5. I was pretty active before I got pregnant. However, I haven't worked out my entire pregnancy yet. I'm 32 weeks. I need to restrengthen my body before the baby comes. I have looked at a few of your videos. Would you recommend rotating them every day or is that too much legs and butt? Do I need to take a day break between days?

  6. Wow this one burned. I used 2 kg weights on each leg.
    I really love your workouts, I too am a personal trainer and usually make myself really high intensity workouts which i love as but since becoming pregnant with my first baby i didnt feel right doing my usual stuff and i was a little scared to prescribe myself something that was going to harm baby.I tried all sorts of prenatal workouts on youtube but was working out for over an hour a day just to feel it. Since ive found your channel ive been able to go back to doing 30 minutes a day and feeling the burn the next day while keeping my baby safe. So thank you! Im so glad ive found you. Ive still got 20 weeks to go and plan on trying everyone of your workouts!

  7. I am so glad I came across your prenatal workout videos! I've been looking for alternatives to my typical HIIT routines. Since becoming pregnant all the jumping was getting to me…but the other prenatal workout videos I found weren't challenging enough. Yours are perfect and exactly what I was looking for!

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