Best Hip And Back Stretches For Pregnancy | Training For Labor - Prenatal Workouts Videos - 2024

Best Hip and Back Stretches for Pregnancy | TRAINING FOR LABOR

Release tension and get rid of pain in your back and hips during 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy. Training for labor with these key prenatal hip and back stretches will increase mobility and reduce pain during your pregnancy so your body will be in optimal condition for labor and delivery! : )


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  1. Hey they are playing and being kids and not suck in front of a screen which can be my go to to often, so cheers to childhood imagination! I enjoyed the video thanks! Thanks for the whole prenatal program as well I’m really liking it.

  2. My toddler loves watching your videos especially when your pups and kiddos make an appearance. It lets him know it’s ok to play around me while I’m doing your videos! ❤️

  3. I really wanted to like this and do these stretches with you BUT I cannot focus at all with your children running around acting crazy. I mean really?! How do you expect your delivery to be effective with that going on in the foreground!!

  4. Thank you so much for providing women with great free pre-natal content. I just saw you rerecorded this without kids and distractions. However, I prefer this one as it shows me I can take care of myself and exercise with toddlers running around. You are a great inspiration and thank you for keeping me going!

  5. Just found you on YouTube and ugh I wish I had found you sooner!!! This is the BEST video I've found so far that ACTUALLY worked for releasing my back pain. I'm about 25 weeks now so it's getting real! I'm sure I'll watch and do this routine again and again!! Thank you so much!!

    Also so cute seeing your kids and your dog and props to you for your kindness and patience to them, to us and most of all to YOURSELF, for making it to the end of the video! Go mama!!

  6. Im sorry, i couldnt do this with the kids in the background .. i understand ur a mommy but im 7 months pregnant & im trying to find a video thats helpful, relieving& relaxing… 😩😭

  7. My favorite stretching video thus far. It gives me such relief. Watching your precious kiddos living their best life is the cherry on top. ❤️
    Thank you for your videos!!!

  8. Can’t concentrate with the kids right in my ear through headphones but I really want to do these exercises regularly.. is it possible to remake the video without the sprogs?! Would be amazing if you could.

  9. I really appreciate that your kids are in this video. Especially considering its a prenatal workout, those bothered can take it as a training opportunity lol. You can't count on working out while they sleep with multiple children. Extremely relatable. Mine climb on top of me like little baby weights lol. They make good makeshift kettbells too as toddlers hehe

  10. I love it!!! REAL MOMMY LIFE!!! ❤️ These all felt great! What a great reminder that my environment while working out doesn't have to be "perfect" without my kids around! It's a reminder of WHY I am trying to be fit and healthy… Not just for looks but most importantly to be strong in my everyday life!! Thank you!! ❤️

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