Benkung Belly Binding + 41 Weeks Update - Postpartum - 2023
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Benkung Belly Binding + 41 WEEKS Update


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  1. My biggest concern: wondering how it strengthens muscles. I know when I played volleyball, those who wore ankle braces had higher rates of injury when they did activity without them. They almost became a crutch to the person. I'm thinking this might be similar? What are your thoughts?

  2. I plan on purchasing the 3 piece postpartum girdle you have on your favorites list. Do you have any information on how to use the 3 pieces correctly? Do I use them all at once or is it a gradual thing? Any info much appreciated!

  3. Did you end up binding? If so, did you find it helpful & can you comment with the link to the video showing how to wrap it? I had DR after my 2nd pregnancy & repaired it with workouts. I'm hoping to prevent it this time around!

  4. I am from Malaysia..and yes we esp malay ladies do a lot of bengkung so much after delivery…we wear it till 44 days of our delivery..reason of using bengkung as per u described below..:) and we do drink a lot of herbs tea too during post partum to shrink down the uterus..

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