Myths And Tales  The Gender Of Your Baby Is On Of The Biggest Mysteries!

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Baby Gender Myths

Baby Gender Myths - Infographic - 2024
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Myths and tales – The gender of your baby is one of the biggest mysteries!

Your baby’s gender is determined at the moment of conception.

Boys’ and girls’ genitals develop along the same path with no outward sign of gender until about nine weeks. Most of the time parents found out about the gender by ultrasound from 14 to 20 gestational weeks.

What are you expecting?

Were any of these ‘myths’ right for you? What do you think you are having?

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  1. Only the morning sickness is true. I got beautiful hair and skin while I was pregnant and I craved salty things not sweet things. Of a girl

  2. Totally true with me , in all pregnancies. Had two girls and two boys and now a boy again and I had always typical boy and girl pregnancies so I always knew from the beginning whether I carried a boy or girl.

  3. With my boy no morning sickness. Acne was crazy. Hair, lashes and eyebrows on my pillow. Craved sweet stuff and belly was like basketball. Now a girl she’s is draining me😒. Morning sickness throughout. Nails growing fast. Glow was in the beginning now acne . Belly round and high. No difference in hair. No glow ip in neother my pregnancies.

  4. For me all of this is really true! Not myths either tales! I’m expecting a boy and I didn’t have any morning sickness, didn’t get much weight, my belly is low, I crave salty, my skin and hair are much better than before. For girls I don’t know, but for boys it’s definitely true 💙

  5. With my boys my hair was on point, no sickness, I craved sweets. Girl, nauseous, no real change in hair, craved hot Cheetos

  6. I was a expecting a girl. Morning sickness ✔️ belly was high ✔️ she stole my beauty ✔️ craved sweet stuff

  7. It is incorrect, the gender of the baby is determined even before it had reached the uterus, like eyecolor… maybe boy and girl grow the same way till week 9, but the DNA and Chromosomes are there immediately. It is not like a fetuses accidental decision in the womb. With fertilisation a new DNA and person was build!

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