Did You Know | Baby Colds⠀
When Your Baby Gets Sick, Especially That First Col...
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Baby Colds – Tips For Dealing With Baby Colds

Baby Colds - Tips For Dealing With Baby Colds - Parenting - 2024

DID YOU KNOW | Baby Colds⠀

When your baby gets sick, especially that first cold of your first baby, it can be alarming and worrisome. It’s hard seeing your little one stuffed up and unwell. ⠀

Well- it’s sick season, and germs abound. Babies’ immune systems are still developing and susceptible to colds and other illnesses. ⠀

But getting sick is a part of growing up and integral to building a child’s immune defences. And your baby will get through it just like you did!⠀

Here are some breastfeeding-oriented tips to help baby get through a cold: ⠀

❗️Note: The first thing you should do if baby gets sick is to consult your pediatrician. ⠀

▪️One of the best things you can do for your sick baby is to nurse or give breast milk. ⠀

▪️Breast milk provides hydration (do not give a baby under 6 months old water)⠀

▪️Breast milk contains vital antibodies (these won’t prevent your child from ever getting sick but they may shorten the duration of sickness and ease the symptoms)⠀

• Breast milk actually changes in composition to help your baby fight an illness⠀

▪️In turn, you can and should breastfeed/give breast milk when YOU are sick as well. Your body will produce antibodies to help you fight your illness, and these will be passed on to your baby through your breast milk. ⠀

▪️Breastfeeding gives comfort⠀

• Add in lots of cuddles and skin-to-skin to help baby through a sickness. Try babywearing if able to keep baby close ⠀

▪️ Try different positions if your baby is stuffed up.⠀

• Positions where baby’s head is elevated when nursing/getting bottle-fed are best⠀

▪️ Your baby may be more fussy and cranky during this time and refuse to nurse or have difficulty nursing/getting a bottle.⠀

• Be patient and continue to offer breastfeeding/a bottle ⠀

• If baby won’t nurse, make sure you keep up your supply through hand expression or pumping ⠀

▪️ Try nursing in a steamy bathroom with the shower or add a cold mist humidifier in the baby’s room. ⠀

• The steam/mist may help ease baby’s congestion ⠀

▪️ Try a device like a Nose Frida to suck out baby’s excess mucus, or use saline drops in nasal passages to help clear and moisturize baby’s nasal cavaties

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